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    A cluttered house can cause stress, impact on your home life, and make day to day household tasks much more difficult. One of the best times to declutter your home is once your children have moved out for the first time. You have probably been looking forward to it – when your home is all yours again!


    No matter how clean and organised your house has been, it’s very common to accumulate a lot of stuff over time. So why not transform your house into the home you’ve always wanted it to be, now you have the time and space to do so?


    Maybe you are moving house or downsizing. In all cases, decluttering  can be a strange process to go through as you can be letting go of many old memories. Once you have gone through the process, you mind will feel cleansed and your home will be just as you envisioned it.


    Decluttering your home is a great way to rediscover all those items you had forgotten about or misplaced. This can really boost your mood when long lost items reappear. When you declutter your entire home, you are in control, and you may discover some things that you want to keep.


    Call St Neots House Clearance for more advice on this service. Once you have decided what you want to keep, and what you want to throw away, we can help you clear everything making you home all spic and span again.

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    The fewer things you own, the easier it will be to both move around & clean your home. Decluttering is mainly about discarding of what you don’t need. However it’s also a great chance to organise, tidy and clean your home, getting it to look it’s best. Once it looks the way you want it, you’ll want to keep it that way.

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    Decluttering Service

    Our decluttering process can take the weight off your mind. Once you have decided what items you want removing from your home, we can dismantle, load and take away the items for you. The service is done by our knowledgeable staff who will make sure that you want the items to be disposed of. You have to remember that your items will be disposed of and gone forever, so we double check that you are ready to let go of them.



    Contact us today to find out more on 01480 592028. Alternatively Email or Whatsapp us for our friendly service. We will provide you with a customised quote depending on the items that you want to be taken away. Call us to find out how we can help.

    Decluttering Service In St Neots

    Hoarders Clearance Service

    A hoarder’s home can be full of noxious fumes, crawling with harmful bacteria & life threatening pathogens, and the smell can drift into a neighbour’s property. Hoarders clearance can be a large scale, specialist job and we are here to help.

    If you are clearing the home of a hoarder, we understand the uphill battle you have had to get their items cleared. We have the necessary skill and professionalism to carry out the hoarding clearance.

    More Spacious Home By Decluttering

    Create More Space In Your Home

    If you are wishing to declutter, you will be making much more space in your home. Even taking away a few items can make a huge difference and your house will feel much more spacious. This in turn will yield positive psychological benefits.

    Your home will feel cleaner, and your personal living conditions may improve a lot from decluttering. You can put new plans into action, redecorate with ease, or even go and buy new things for your home.

    Friendly, 5 Star Service

    Fast, Friendly, Local Company

    Our decluttering service is as simple as making a phone call. Once you have decided what items you want to remove, we can take them away and recycle or dispose of them, leaving you with a home exactly as you wanted it.

    We cover the whole of St Neots & Huntingdonshire & Cambridgeshire. No matter where you are throughout our service area, call us today to get the best local service at the best rates.

    Uncovering Long Lost Treasures

    Have you ever really dug down into your property? When you start to declutter or a hoarding cleanup begins, valuable items or momento’s may be uncovered. Family heirlooms lost under piles of rubbish could possibly be discovered, giving you real added benefits of continuing the clean up process.



    On many occasions we hear of people finding long lost treasures or items, so why not you? If you find items of value, we may be able to buy them off you and offset the value against any clearance costs. In some cases, you could end up with extra money in your pocket.


    The question is, have you ever lost anything you never found, or have forgotten about? Maybe you will find it!


    We Also Provide A Full House Clearance Service


    Details of our Environment Agency Upper Tier, Waste Carriers License can be found on this page.

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