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St Neots House Clearance have years of experience carrying out bereavement clearances. Call us for a professional, compassionate service or for advice.

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    Bereavement Clearance

    Bereavement clearance involves sorting through a property following the death of somebody close. This can prove to be very difficult, especially for family members. Once documents and personal items are retained by the family, clearing the deceased’s possessions and keepsakes from the property can prove a very emotional experience. This is where our bereavement clearance service can really help you move forward.


    Bereavement clearance is very similar to Probate Clearance, with the main difference being that the person dealing with the estate of the deceased has already been agreed. That person has the power to distribute or discard of the friend or family member’s possessions. Once you call us, our bereavement team will help you sort and dispose of any household items you wish to clear.


    Our service is extremely respectful and compassionate. We can also give you the option of clearing the property in our dedicated anonymous removal vehicles that are not sign written. This extra service allows you to keep your privacy in this difficult time, keeping the clearance process as private as possible.


    We can provide advice on the phone or email completely free of charge. This is part of our local Bereavement Clearance service. Once we introduce ourselves and find out a little more about your requirements, we can set a plan of action leaving you with one less thing to worry about.


    Here To Help You Through This Difficult Process

    Sensitive Bereavement Clearance

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    Our Bereavement Clearance service is carried out in a professional & respectful manner. It involves the clearing of all unwanted household items, except for those that you intend to keep for yourself or the estate. We then safely dispose of these items. Once the process is complete, you will feel a huge sense of relief so you can move forward with your life.

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    Local Bereavement Clearance Service

    Our company has been performing Bereavement Clearances since 2010. We have the experience to know that this can be a life changing experience for you. Use our knowledge and experience to ensure that your friends or relatives property is cleared according to yours, or the deceased’s wishes.



    Contact us today to find out more via Telephone, Email or WhatsApp if you require our services. We can advise you on how to proceed, and look after your property so it is either disposed of correctly, or recycled back into the community.


    We Aim To Respond Within 24 Hours

    House Clearance Made Easy

    Save Time, Money, & Stress With Us

    A major factor with Bereavement Clearances is that most people are not aware of how to clear a property. We can help you every step of the way, saving you time, money & stress. Our staff will give you guidance throughout the process.

    We will assist you right from the first call. It can be hard to pick up the phone so do not be worried. We are experienced and will help you clear the property and move forward.

    Al Kinds Of Unwanted Stuff Cleared

    Full & Partial House Clearance

    Sorting through a loved ones possessions is very important during the Bereavement Clearance process. It will be the last time you will see all of their household items in one place, so we always ensure you are discarding of the things you want to.

    We always make sure you want things to be thrown away, and will put aside things you want to keep. Partial house clearances take time and organisation to carry out correctly. Our staff are fully trained to do this.

    Bereavement Clearance Service

    Sympathetic & Sensitive Service

    We can carry out your clearance with you present if you wish to ensure only the things you want to dispose of are removed. Our staff are patient and understanding as removing personal items can be confusing and distressing for some people.

    Alternatively, some people find it too difficult to watch their loved ones items be taken away, so we will be happy to do this in your absence. You will return to a clear property, and one less weight off your mind.

    After A Bereavement

    Once you are ready to disperse of all property in an estate, call us and we will be happy to listen to your requirements. The first step is making the decision to clear your friend or family’s belongings. We understand that this decision is hard, and will be happy to speak to you in plain English and help you get closure.



    Our company holds an Upper Tier, Waste Carriers License. We believe in maintaining a rubbish free & clean environment for everyone. We dispose of any unwanted items collected from your home responsibly and in accordance with Environment Agency regulations. You can examine our license on this page.


    We Are Here To Help At This Difficult Time

    Your Local Bereavement Clearance Experts